Adrien Chapelet

IoT Engineer SigFox/BLE/LoRa

Freelance IoT Engineer


I'm working for few years now on electronics, focusing on Low Power architectures and wireless technologies

  • C, C++, Golang, JS, PHP, Java, SQL
  • ARM Cortex M, Arduino, RPi
  • BLE, Sigfox, LoRa, Wifi
  • Understand new concepts
  • Work in teams
  • Drink some coffee


Since few years now, I'm working on Low Power Electronics and IoT, where I've built connected devices (with BLE or/and Sigfox), with sensors, that communicate with the cloud and/or smartphones ...


At PlugBlocks, we help companies improving their process with IoT.

We facilitate and accelerate development of connected things, apps, backend, API...

We focus on being agile, flexible, and sensitive to market and client needs, focusing on bringing entrepreneur's and companies ideas to life.


Lyon, France

In the R&D team, with hardware, firmware developpers, business developpers, I prototyped et developped an Ultra Low Power geolocation module, based on BLE, Wifi, Sigfox, and GPS.


San Francisco, USA

In the R&D team, with hardware, firmware developpers, industrial designer ... I prototyped and developped the next generation of Spire sensors.


Lille, France

Collaborating with the Equisense's differents teams, and with the product owner (veterinarian), I conceived and developped the first connectd body for horses, with differents health sensors (UWB, temperature, perspiration ...), a global connectivity and a cloudarchitecture.


I bring innovation conceiving world’s first dual mode Beacon BLE/Sigfox with sensors, which was powered by BLE for updates, location … and Sigfox to communicate its environmental sensors data (air pollution, temperature, pressure, brightness …) while keeping low power and running on battery.


In collaboration with the team I have had the opportunity to work with, I develop an internal project of intranet website. I learned their needs, develop, test, release and improve a PHP Symfony based solution which help them to improve their productivity while automatizing reports. It is now daily used to manage projects (deadlines, milestones ...) and export Specifications and Maintenance Records in Word and PDF formats.

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